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Barbecue | Firepit | Wine Chiller

The Mothership has landed. It totally gets you and knows what you need to stay comfortable. This intuitive creature comes well equipped to serve you through the year.

It’s versatile character can transform to give you three different usages. It could be an Angeethi (traditional brazier used for space-heating and cooking), a barbecue and a champagne, wine or beer chiller with space to hang your wine glasses and flutes.

Accessories include:
*Grill to burn coal /wood
*Tray to collect residue
*Legs in stainless steel with wheels
Accessories optional:
**BBQ Grill (food safe grade)
**Attachment to chill wine/champagne
& space to hang the utes

Dimensions - L-680mm, W-680mm, H-1050mm

Materials   - Copper (firepit)

                     - Stainless steel (secondary accessories)

                     - Acrylic(champagne-tray)

                     - Wood(handles)


Customization is available as the piece is made to order.

Delivery time - 6-7 Weeks

*Prices are exclusive of **optional accessories, Taxes and Shipping